Introduction to Python and Computer Science in General

What's so special about these lessons?

Nothing really. These just lessons just aim to offer (as the title suggests) an introduction to programming with Python and general Computer Science concepts. The course is loosely based around the MIT 'Introduction to Computer Science' course, though these are more focussed on the programming side of things.

Also, in the interest of 'open sourced-ness' I will include both the .pdf documents and the .tex files, just incase anyone wants to recompile the documents in another format.

Topic LaTeX file PDF file
Basic Computation .tex .pdf
Control Flow .tex .pdf
Functions and Abstractions .tex .pdf
Data Structures .tex .pdf
Recursion .tex .pdf
Errors and Debugging .tex .pdf
Object Oriented Programming .tex .pdf

There are 5 more lessons to come, be patient...

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