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Guillaume Macneil's homepage.

The aim of this page is to collate my various projects Computer Science related projects in one place for ease of access. All of my programming-related projects are hosted locally, on GitHub or on GitLab.




A repository of machine learning programs written in Python 3 using Tensorflow and Keras. The intent of this repository is to provide some interesting ML applications (see `camera-rock-paper-scissors` - a favourite of mine) which demonstrate a range of models and techniques. Find out more here.


The aim of this project is to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) on a mixture of bird and landscape datasets so that it can detect when a bird is in the frame. This CNN will then be used on a Raspberry Pi, along with a camera module, to take pictures of UK birds to create a larger dataset.

copo example



A simple, fast command line pomodoro timer that allows for custom 'work' to 'rest' ratios, without the need for an advert-ridden website. Find out more here.


A command line Todoist client that allows for the usage of all of the normal Todoist features, all from the comfort of your terminal. Find out more here.



This is pretty sparse currently, but I hope to populate this in the future. For the time being, enjoy my A* graded EPQ paper on "To what extent should machine learning be supervised rather than unsupervised?".


If you're looking for an introduction for programming in Python, I've decided to make a series of 12 lessons based on the MIT 'Introduction to Computer Science' course. You can find them here.